Some issues using RandomSpawners for enemies

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Zero X. Diamond
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Some issues using RandomSpawners for enemies

Post by Zero X. Diamond » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:26

So I'm toying around with a content randomizer thing, and while it works pretty good for just about every aspect I've toyed with so far, I've found that enemies suffer from a bug if randomly placed: deaf guards and patrolling guards totally fail if replaced. That is to say every enemy that should be patrolling is standing stationary where they were placed in the map and enemies that should be able to ambush you instead come pouring out of their hiding places if you so much as sneeze. I'm assuming this is in some way related to an issue I had some time ago and actually spoke with Blzut3 about involving replacement dogs requiring a Spawn state with an action in it, which resulted in static dogs. Is there any method by which this can be fixed? The issue is the same whether I use the last stable build or the latest revision.

Unrelated, but is there any method by which I could make MAPINFO specialaction exits call different victory text clusters depending on what monster's death called it? It'd be a neat thing for this.

EDIT: It also seems what I thought was the solution to getting randomized bosses to properly end the level when killed was actually wrong? I added the following to a MAPINFO lump in the base of my mod's PK3:

Code: Select all

	deathcam = true
	specialaction = "Schabbs1", "Exit_Victory"
	specialaction = "Gift1", "Exit_Victory"
	specialaction = "FatFace1", "Exit_Victory"
	specialaction = "Wilhelm1", "Exit_Victory"
	specialaction = "ProfessorQuarkblitz1", "Exit_Victory"
	specialaction = "Hitler1", "Exit_Victory"
	specialaction = "Staatmeister", "Exit_Victory"
Staatmeister and the new Quarkblitz and Wilhelm trigger the DeathCam™, but then it goes right back in-game and nothing will make the level end.

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Re: Some issues using RandomSpawners for enemies

Post by Blzut3 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:29

As I stated on IRC/Matrix the randomspawner issue is known.

For the deathcam issue, not sure why I didn't catch this earlier but the issue is that adddefaultmap doesn't do what you think it does. It does add the specialactions to the defaults, but the default map doesn't change already defined maps.

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