2nd Encounter - better shim file

Advanced Wolfenstein 3D source port based upon Wolf4SDL and ZDoom.
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2nd Encounter - better shim file

Post by AstroCreep » Sat Dec 01, 2018 17:40

Since it very well may be a long time before we get complete MacWolf support, I have thrown together 2 enhanced shim files for use with either the shareware or 2nd encounter, using a few resources from Executor's 2nd encounter port. This simply prevents the game from crashing at the end by defining a complete MAPINFO. This will only work with the original map files, not user made scenarios. I also added the IMF files for music, because the raw midis don't translate well (not to mention that I can't get midi to work at all since I'm using the dev version under WINE. Never could get the linux version to compile right)

This can easily be modified to work with most MacWolf mods, you just need to edit the mapinfo to correspond with the amount of levels in the mod and change the next level of the last map to "EndTitle". It is important to know which levels lead to secret levels and such. Any mac mod that requires custom sounds will still need an extra patch, due to the original application requiring the resources to be manually injected using ResEdit (i.e. Astrostein, Amerika the Beautiful, etc)


Mapinfo by Executor and modified by AstroCreep
Music by Andy_Nonymous
Original shim by Blzut3

Note: I didn't add any of the menu sounds or fonts or anything, so menus and intermission screens are still bugged

First Encounter
Second Encounter

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