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Obligatory ...uh .... Update. Or Something

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 14:21
by Rex Claussen
You hear that? The thunderous racket that is deafening in its intensity? That's the sound of the cruel, unforgiving hooves of Real Life trampling me afoot. The months of February & March were incredibly demanding for me, both professionally and personally. April has been somewhat better, and as a result I have some progress to report:
  • 1. I have done some mapping for Map09 of Temple of the Ancients: Redux, and the map appears to be approaching completion. I'll post some pictures when I have a chance.
    2. Enjay has given me some very cool models for use in ToTA:R, and I'll try to include them when I take the screen pics.
    3. I heard back from DBT, who will hopefully be able to jump in and do the new weapons and enemies for ToTA:R.
    4. Jeff Ligda has created some very nice tunes for ToTA:R and for Paranoiac.
    5. I have completed mapping for Map02 of Rampage M. Next, I'll be putting in the gameplay elements and the artists will be doing the art pass on the map.
    6. As a proof of concept for Map02 of Rampage M I had first created the map in ZDooM. I will check to see if the ZDooM map can be released to idgames, in which case the two of you can have a preview of the map as it has been developed for Rampage M.
And, oh yes, ToTA:R is now officially planned as a 10-map set. Maps 6-8 are snow-themed maps, and Maps 9-10 are water-themed maps. Map 6 is 100% complete, Map 7 is 85% complete, and Map 9 is 80% complete. Maps 8 & 10, sadly, are languishing as place-holders in the wad. But not to worry. Development shall proceed forthwith.