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Sound Bytes

Post by Rex Claussen » Sat Dec 19, 2015 14:03

The big news is that I have successfully implemented music (as sound) into Paranoiac. Now, when I test a map, I can get a better sense of the mood of the map. The logic for the background music was generally straightforward. But the introduction of "event" music in the middle of a map created major headaches. If the player tried to exit the map before the event music ended it messed things up. If the event music ended, the background music restarted, and the player approached the exits it messed things up. If the crossbow was reloaded it messed things up. In the end, I got things working, partly using Blue Shadow's suggestion that the sound be passed to a mapspot. Of course, now I need to implement the event music into each of the other maps as well.

Mapping on Map20 has passed the halfway point, but nothing on Map21, and no more on Map23 (these are the 3 remaining maps that need mapping). I have also begun introducing the gameplay elements. Maps 10, 11, and 22 are virtually complete, including my own testing. Other maps, including Maps 16, 17, and 20 have quite a bit of gameplay complete. But at this point, as I am dealing with pretty much everything else in the game, the going is slow. I have been solving problems with weapons & enemy coding, status bar issues, major lags in one of the maps, conversion of models, editing of graphics, the list goes on. Unfortunately, as DBThanatos and Enjay are unavailable owing to real life constraints, I have to take up the slack. And these are in areas where I have limited familiarity. Hence a learning curve, and hence the tedious slog. But things are gradually coming together. [The great news is that DBT managed to introduce reloading into the Gluon Gun's code. The weapon is now complete. I've asked him to develop the Hornet Gun (aka HiveHand), and we'll see how that goes.]

On a separate note, some months ago I started on a single map for GZDooM in my Fear Station series. Being the third in the series, this is, naturally, named Fear Station: Charlie. I am about halfway done, and I work on it when I hit a wall with development on Paranoiac. There's a part of me that wants to just finish it so that I can focus on Paranoiac. But the latter has just so many things that need attention. Stay tuned.

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