Better... Baton... Betty... Uh, I'm confused

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Better... Baton... Betty... Uh, I'm confused

Post by Rex Claussen » Mon Oct 17, 2016 19:21

What was I trying to say? Oh, yes, I remember the word now. "Beta". Now if I can only remember where I was going with this post.

Psych! The two of you believe I am senile and gradually trundling downhill, don't you? Well, this'll show you. I've actually obtained a professional opinion that things are not as they seem. They were all very kind, especially as they showed me to the door, and told me not to call them and that they'd call me. If that's not proof that all is well with me, I'm not sure what is. Ha!

But I came here because there was a thought buzzing around in my head, like a fly circling a pile of manure. What was it? What was it? Ah, yes! "Beta"! Paranoiac is now in the hands of the beta testers. Eruanna has already sent in some suggestions. My alpha-testing revealed that there is really only one game-stopping issue (Map23, one of the bonus maps), and we are working to resolve it. Unless the beta-testers manage to break the game, it appears we are on a relatively straightforward path to a release in 2016.

Some pics to celebrate:

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