Attention: Dr. Bellmer ....

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Attention: Dr. Bellmer ....

Post by Rex Claussen » Fri Oct 28, 2016 13:18

It is with great delight that I am able to make the following announcements regarding Paranoiac:
  • 1. The game has a back-story, involving intrigue and betrayal, but also integrity and courage. [Not that you both care, right? Heh.]
    2. Dr. Bellmer has been abandoned by his Controller in the European Space Consortium, and the underground resistance [Legion: Earth] is now working to extract Dr. Bellmer from his predicament.
    3. The game now has voice acting, which follows the general plot of the game. Eruanna has done the voice acting for the primary NPC - Colonel Stinson of Legion: Earth. Eruanna has also developed a synthesized voice for the Legion: Earth narrator. I plan to do the voice acting for Otis (security guard), and Ed the Bat has volunteered to voice other NPCs.
    4. Paranoiac will have co-operative play. Ed the Bat has joined the Team to implement co-op mode.
    5. The Ultimate DooMer has joined the Team as a play-tester. [Kappes Buur & Eruanna were already part of the play-test Team; Graf Zahl, Gez, and Eruanna are working to iron out technical kinks.]
    6. Eruanna is working to develop a "video showcase" of the game for promotional purposes.
    7. Enjay is back from his extended sabbatical. I expect that he'll need a warm-up period before he can jump into play-testing and development.
    8. DBThanatos made a brief appearance, and is working to tweak a minor (reload) issue with the cross-bow.

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