Who Doesn't Like Blowing Things Up, Eh?

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Who Doesn't Like Blowing Things Up, Eh?

Post by Rex Claussen » Sat Nov 26, 2016 16:27

So, the first significant item of news is that Enjay has rejoined the band, and has resumed his role as keyboard player and singer. Oh, wait. That's a different Enjay. Relevant analogy though, as Enjay has been solving problems related to Paranoiac with an enthusiasm and cleverness that has eluded me. Among the goodies that you can expect to see in the game, courtesy of the EnjayMeister are the following:

1. SUVs that can be blown up. Very cool shattering glass/flying shards effects, explosions, sparks, smoke, and sounds. [I just caution you not to try it with a crowbar.] This means, that we have another interactive model in the game, and one with game-play implications.
2. An Osprey transport helicopter that can be blown up. The same very cool effects as those for the SUV. This is more for cut-scenes, and will not be used for in-game destruction, alas.
3. Many other subtle improvements.

The beta-testing is coming to a close, and with the help of Eruanna, Gez, Kappes Buur, The Ultimate DooMer, and Graf Zahl we are putting the spit and polish into what you have come to expect from The Persecution Complex. And Ed the Bat has been introducing co-op play into the game.

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