Today rocked!

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Today rocked!

Post by BioHazard » Tue Aug 02, 2005 22:02

Today has totally rocked.
So many great things have happened today it's almost creepy:
  • I won some software and a DVD-RW last night (so maybe that wasn't today... :p
  • I landed a cool web design deal with a local orginization
  • I finished setting up paypal
  • I got $100 for spending a couple hours helping this gal out with her new computer
  • I ate at a Chinese buffet (even though it was kinda crappy :p )
  • I find out I'm a moderator on (best one of all)
  • I find out that people actually like that I was chosen for mod on
  • I released ZDL2 RC1
  • I fount $150 worth of checks I forgot to deposit
That's way better than my usual good thing list:
  • I woke up this morning
  • I didn't die today
All that's missing is my first donation.

I am so excited I can't sleep! It's 3AM now...
Oh boy I'm really psyched!

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