I went on vacation! like a month ago... :S

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I went on vacation! like a month ago... :S

Post by BioHazard » Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:55

It certainly has been a long time since I posted an update huh? :?

Well as some of you know, I went on vacation a while ago. I couldn't post the log I kept cause the site was down, and then I forgot ntirely. I found it on my desktop and decided to post it finally.
Bio's vacation log wrote:Jul 28th - 12:30PM
We are rolling out of my driveway to embark on our journey, I have 37 hours of music queued up on my laptop for the trip. I'm so glad I got that inverter :)

Jul 28th - 1:00PM
W00T, I had some Fish and chips at the bowling alley. That stuff is great.

Jul 28th - 2:30PM
We have been driving through this huge mint field for almost 30 minutes.
The car smells great. :)

Jul 28th - 3:45PM
This trip is really wearing on me. There is nothing to look at out the windows, coding is getting boring and I'm tired. Almost there though.

Jul 28th - 5:00PM
My laptop has been running on full power for 5 hours ... in the car. I love this inverter :')

Jul 28th - 6:45PM
First sight of the Pacific Ocean in years.

Jul 28th - 7:15PM
We arrived at Fisherman's Wharf at Monterey bay. I haven't been here in years. I forgot my camera... :(

Jul 28th - 7:45PM
I hate gift shops :S

Jul 28th - 8:30PM
I just had one of the best bowls of clam chowder I have ever had. At some place called "Rappa's" or something. It's at the end of the wharf. Really really good, and nice lighting. :9

Jul 28th - 9:30PM
The AREA file parser is COMPLETED! :D BAVE can actually start a new game!

-- --------------------------------------------

Jul 29th - 5:30AM
I'm up, amazingly. I haven't been up before noon on my own for weeks!

Jul 29th - 6:30AM
I walked to the Jack In the Box down the street and had a breakfast sandwich.
I have been dying for some orange juice.

Jul 29th - 8:00AM
On the road again...

Jul 29th - 9:30AM
Arrived at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Jul 29th - 1:00PM
That aquarium still rocks! The whole atmosphere of the place is excellent! Great design, Great presentation, Knowledgable staff. Even though some of the exhibits are full of that tree-hugger crap, It's not over-pressured. The place is like the discovery channel but with real live animals. Great stuff. If you are ever in the area, spend the $20 to take a look. You can spend hours looking around in there.

Jul 29th - 1:30PM
Heh, we rode the trolley all the way across town and back so we wouldn't have to walk 1 block. :?

Jul 29th - 2:00PM
Had a shrimp sandwich at Bubba Gump's. It was excellent! And on top of the great food, the resturaunt itself was fun too. The staff has a strange way of working the resturaunt that is well, different... Really cool. We dominated the Gump trivia game. :)
Try the Hush Pups' (seriously :9 )

Jul 29th - 4:00PM

Jul 29th - 6:00PM
We almost went to the boardwalk at Santa Cruz, but we decided not to.

Jul 29th - 7:00PM
We were driving along and I decided to check for wireless networks, There was one that pretty much covering the whole city! :D I tried to connect but we were out of range by the time I was fully connected... :(

Jul 29th - 7:15PM
We saw the airport Etsuko will be flying out of in 2 days. (SFO) That place is HUGE! OMG! It's at least a haf-dozen square kilometers. Our motel is in there somewhere. :S

Jul 29th - 8:00PM
We are officially totally lost in the airport! This place is a twisty road hell!!

Jul 29th - 8:30PM
We found our motel and we are moving our stuff into it.

Jul 29th - 9:30PM
Mmmmmm. Wendy's...

Jul 29th - 10:30PM
I'm having internet withdrawls. :S


Jul 30th - 10:00AM
All packed up and on the road again.

Jul 30th - 10:30AM
Entering San-Fransisco.

Jul 30th - 10:45AM
Theres the Golden-Gate Bridge. :) Not going over it now though.

Jul 30th - 11:00AM
We are at the Japaneese tea gardens. woo... :p

Jul 30th - 12:30PM
Actually, that place was pretty cool. Nice and lush plant life. I took some pictures. Etsuko shared her Japaneese gummies with me. Those things ROCK and a half! :9 (pics)

Jul 30th - 1:00PM
On the road again...

Jul 30th - 1:30PM
Woot Arby's :9

Jul 30th - 1:45PM
We just drove past 6 open wireless networks! :'(

Jul 30th - 2:00PM
Holy crap! Downtown San-Fransisco is LOADED with wifi networks! Most block access to the internet though. I'm gonna make it to Google if it's the last thing I do!

Jul 30th - 3:00PM
I even got to visit my site and see that I had new posts for 15 seconds while I was at a stop sign. :)

Jul 30th - 4:00PM
PIER 39 IS A TOTAL MADHOUSE! OMG! You had better not be claustrophobic :S
I did get to see a BeatMania III machine though. :)

Jul 30th - 4:30PM
Goin' over the Golden Gate. We are going up north to see relatives.

Jul 30th - 6:00PM
Arrived at my Aunt & Uncle's house. I haven't been here in 10 years...

Jul 30th - 10:30PM
I'm all ready to go to sleep and I'm going to bed. Etsuko leaves tomorrow! I'm gonna miss her... :(


Jul 31st - 11:00AM
BAVE can now load the areas from the AREA file and move you to any area. The command parser can tell you it doesn't understand your command too! :)

Jul 31st - 3:00PM
We are about to leave for the airport.

Jul 31st - 6:30PM
Etsuko walked through security. On her way to a glorious vacation. I miss her already. :(

Jul 31st - 7:00PM
I can hear Etsuko's plane taking off. :)

Jul 31st - 8:00PM
I went to Lyons for dinner, I had a chicken burrito. I wasan't impressed... :p

Jul 31st - 9:30PM
I'm desperately trying to get my modem working so I can get on line. I can't :( :(

Jul 31st - 10:30PM
Off to bed...


Aug 1st - 9:00AM
Etsuko called from London, She's so excited :)

Aug 1st - 9:30AM
I went to Lyons again for breakfast. Much better food this time. I drank 6 glasses of orange juice. :9

Aug 1st - 12:15PM
I just saw the headquarters for Oracle, McAfee and Sun all at the same time.

Aug 1st - 2:00PM
I swallowed my gum :(

Aug 1st - 2:45PM
I am at the entrance to Hunter Ligget.

Aug 1st - 4:00PM
After getting totally lost and a half in the ligget, I made it out.

Aug 1st - 5:00PM
Ugh, these roads are so windy, I feel terrible :S

Aug 1st - 6:30PM
I stopped at this little beach thing and I took some pictures. (pics)

Aug 1st - 7:00PM
I saw Zebras. :) (pics)

Aug 1st - 8:15PM
I decided I am tired of the coast and I'm going home.

Aug 1st - 8:30PM
I stopped in Morro Bay for dinner at Hofbrau. Can't go through Morro Bay without getting a French Dip sandwich from here :9 :9 :9

Aug 1st - 11:45PM
Home at last. :)

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