Whoo it's good to have a few big things off my list...

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Whoo it's good to have a few big things off my list...

Post by BioHazard » Sat Dec 03, 2005 12:15

Oh man, I'm so glad I got my site and ZDL off my plate. Those 2 things were really big projects to have backed up like that.

Now that my 2 biggest obligations are taken care of, I wonder what I'm going to do next... I still have to finish KwikStrip 2.0 and I need to work on B.AV.E. a bit. I dunno...

I really don't want to get into KS2 since I know the code is funky and I won't be able to resist rewriting it again. I'm thinking about rewriting the basic functions from the ground up as I know the way I did it is bug-prone. It won't be as funky as ZDL's tangled port/iwad functions so it should be a peice of cake. Then I can slap the old GDI stuff on it as it seems to be fine and has nothing to do with the config stuff.

I'm not sure where to go with B.AV.E. I could keep it the way it is and make it a "text adventure with a picture" as odd as that sounds or I could go for a system like Dare 2 Dream. The DARE system would be a bit easier to write and mod for but it would be a bit less open-ended and would make games be somewhat linear. My biggest problem is lack of interested modders. It's going to be an engine, not a game. Therefore, I need a game-maker. If anyone is interested, let me know.

I could rewrite the BugTracker for MySQL really fast but I'm not sure I'd get it done in time for it to be thuroughly tested by the KDiZD team and I'm not sure if anyone else has a project they would like to beta-test it with. Again, anyone who wants to volunteer should do so.

Eh, I'll just work on what I can...

[edit] Heh, I finally bumped that huge vacation log off my blog page. Did anyone even read it?

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