Macintosh Wolf3D GFX Packs for Wolfenstein 3D/SoD

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Macintosh Wolf3D GFX Packs for Wolfenstein 3D/SoD

Post by AstroCreep » Thu Jan 08, 2015 5:47

I have always liked the nice high resolution graphics of the Mac version of Wolf3D (With the exception of those crippled enemy sprites). With ECWolf, it makes it extremely easy to port these graphics over, so I have taken the liberty of making a few GFX packs for ECWolf. These can be used either by themselves or all together, and can be used with both Wolf3D or Spear of Destiny. The wall pack was converted from OSJC's wall pack for the Wolfenstein 3D TC for ZDoom, but the items/decorations and weapons I took from the Mac game data files. Feel free to use these for your own projects.

Walls - ... cwalls.pk3

Items/Decorations - ... citems.pk3

Weapons - ... acweap.pk3

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Re: Macintosh Wolf3D GFX Packs for Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of D

Post by Blzut3 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:19

Kind of surprised it has taken this long for someone to release one of these packs. I knew a number of people wanted to do them. ;)

One thing to note, if you want to increase the performance of this pack, you should crop the sprites. Uncropped sprites do waste cycles and, last I checked (admittedly a few optimizations ago), this is far more noticeable in ECWolf than in ZDoom.

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