Astrostein (Spifferaneous Edition) - Conversion to ECWolf

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Astrostein (Spifferaneous Edition) - Conversion to ECWolf

Post by AstroCreep » Mon Jun 29, 2015 20:56


After doing the quickfix for the Mac version, I just had to convert this over as well, lol. I promise I'm getting back on Noahpak after this.

This is a quick conversion of Spifferaneous' version of Astrostein for the PC
version of Wolfenstein 3D. This version was originally made because there was
no Astrostein mod for the PC version, save Bruce Ryder's 3 level demo. For
some reason (prob the WolfAddict drama back in the day), it was never completed.
So, Spiff took it upon himself to make his own version of Astrostein, with different
enemies and levels. There are 6 new episodes. More info can be checked out in the
"SpifRead.txt" and "SpifInfo.txt" files within the pk3.

I also took the liberty of including Bruce Ryder's 3-level demo as a bonus


Deleted doubles of graphics, using DECORATE to replicate Giftmacher and Officer
Added extra "disintegrate" sound effect during death
new HUD graphics and title screen and such! This wasn't possible when this was originally released!
Extra music from Spear of Destiny
a few new sounds, imported from Mac version


Wolfenstein 3D by iD Software
ECWolf by Braden "Blzut3" Obrzut
Astrostein originally created by Laz Rojas
Original 3-Level PC Demo by Bruce Ryder
Levels by Spifferaneous
Walls and sprites by Bruce Ryder and Spifferaneous
Fonts from Tech Demo by Executor
All other graphics by AstroCreep, Laz Rojas and PSTrooper (HUD Face)
Conversion to ECWolf by AstroCreep
Klicken Sie hier zum Download, Trottel!!
Note: If downloaded before 8:50 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 6/29/2015, please redownload.

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