Wolfenstein 3DO mod for Macintosh version

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Wolfenstein 3DO mod for Macintosh version

Post by Nokiaman » Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:47

With this mod I am trying my best to bring as much as I can from 3DO version of Wolfenstein 3D to the Macintosh one.
Simply load the desired .pk3 archives with the Wolf3D Macintosh version using latest ECWolf nightly.

Music - DONE
All 8 music files were converted and match perfectly with TFE/TSE/TTE levels.

Download .OGG version
Download .FLAC version

Sounds - WIP
So far only Minigun firing sound has been changed due to ECWolf not supporting all sounds properly just yet.


Bigger weapon sprites - Hard
Super 3-D Noah's Ark has this feature, but Blzut3 made it specifically only for it due to its hacky nature.

Sprite Changes - Impossible
Such as machine gun having orange muzzleflash. No idea how to extract them :(

Startup videos - Impossible
ECWolf can't play startup videos yet, but it may be added in the future :)
Then it should be piece of cake.

Menu - Unknown
No idea how menu system will evolve with ECWolf, but I'm going to assume this definitely isn't possible now.

Blzut3 - For making ECWolf and helping me with various stuff
All the devs involved in the cool 3DO port!
Gameplay video

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