SPEARPAK - Level Pack for Spear of Destiny

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SPEARPAK - Level Pack for Spear of Destiny

Post by AstroCreep » Fri Apr 08, 2016 19:13


A new compilation of classic SoD scenarios, collected from the depths of the dome

[Changes from originals]
HiRes Textures and Sprites from my Mac GFX Pack, all other sprites from PSTroopers Sprite Fix Pack
Edited a few walls, for some reason some of these had unknown wall types, which is odd since none of these had source hacks. The unknown walls would crash the game
Various fixes
Crackhead bitches

  • [/i]
    All of these can be found at:

    "Andrew's Mapset" by Andrew Marn
    "Archives - Volume 1 & 2" by ack
    "Castle Bismark" by unknown
    "Death Becomes You" by Spifferaneous
    "Dunkelburg" by Michael Kalous
    "Spearfishwolfbones" by Thomas Weiling
    "Sod_cc1" by unknown


    The Addams Family (SNES), Super Metroid (SNES), Blake Stone (PC), Doom (PC), Doom II (PC),
    Spear of Destiny (PC), Zombies Ate My Neighbors (PC), The Tick (SNES), originals by
    Sam Feichter (AstroCreep), Hexen (PC)

    [Other Sources]
    Walls and Item Sprites - Wolfenstein 3D (Mac)
    All other sprites - Wolfenstein 3D Sprite Fix for ECWolf by PSTrooper
    Some menu graphics edited from Tech Demo, others edited from Spear of Destiny

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