[ECWolf]Second Encounter (Executor Port) [Hi-Res]

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[ECWolf]Second Encounter (Executor Port) [Hi-Res]

Post by AstroCreep » Wed Dec 19, 2018 21:38

This is a HD version of Executor's port of Second Encounter
(which was ported from my earlier port, which was ported
from Macenstein, which was ported from the original MacWolf,
which was ported from Wolfenstein 3D, so this makes this
something like a 6th-degree port)
This is done in the style of my earlier HD ports (Halten Sie!,
Escape from Totenhaus), with PSTrooper's updated sprites,
static sprites and walls from the Mac port, flat textures
(from Executor's Cosmetic Upgrade) and global light levels.

This supersedes my original 2nd encounter port completely, but I am leaving the original download links up in case people need the resources.

Mac GFX ported by AstroCreep (original Mac GFX pack)
Sprite fixes by PSTrooper
ECWolf 2nd Encounter port by Executor
flat textures from Cosmetic Upgrade by Executor
Mapinfo definitions also lifted and edited from Cosmetic Upgrade

For some reason can't get the gold and silver doors to work, so you
get the flat iron door instead :/


HD Upgrade
original Executor port
OGG format music

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