Wolf3D Demolition (linuxwolf fork feature test)

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Wolf3D Demolition (linuxwolf fork feature test)

Post by AstroCreep » Wed May 15, 2019 2:22

this is a short mod that tests new features
introduced in linuxwolf's fork of ECWolf. This simply
adds 3 new weapons (with defined damagetypes),
breakable scenery that reacts differently to each
damagetype, and new/alternate enemies, with new
death frames and randomized weapons (so you can
grab some the rocket launcher and flamethrower easier)

This zip also includes Windows binaries for linuxwolf's ECWolf fork. Due to changes,
this mod requires this fork to play. If you want to use Linux, you will need
to build from source, found HERE.
Instructions for building from source can be found on ECWolf's wiki
A build for MacOS can be found HERE. Note that like the official ECWolf package, for some reason drag n drop mod loading is broken, so to load mods you will have to start ECWolf from Terminal. Easiest way is to right click on your ECWolf binary package, click Show Package Contents, navigate Contents\MacOS, drag the binary file to the terminal window and then drag any mods you wish to load to the terminal window and press enter.

This mod should work fine with Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny (due to only adding 2 lines to the mapinfo), and all vanilla mapsets. This will also work with any ECWolf mod that does not change or add enemies or weapons (simply load after the other mod's pk3)

[spoiler]Added rocket launcher, flame thrower, and gas grenade launcher
Rockets and explosions gib enemies
flames burn! the flamethrower also drops flame actors that burn both you
and enemies, you can do neat things like make a wall of flames protecting
Flame deaths! (from ROTT)
gas grenades cause alternate gore-less deaths!
Randomized enemies: this includes the Rocket Guard,
the Flame SS, 4 mutant variations and 5 officer variations!
Kamikaze dogs! Come in explosive and gas
Scenery reacts differently to whichever weapon you are using!
Mutants and FlameSS are immune to gas
Blood splatters! (from Extreme Wolfenstein)[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Kamikaze Dog - Untrustable
Effects - Rise of the Triad
Gas Grenade Launcher - samvision
Rocket Launcher / FlameThrower - ROTT Specs, SNES wolf
Gas Deaths - SNES Wolf
Blitzguard - Majik Monkee
Flame SS - unknown (found in Wolfers for Wolfers pack)
Chaingunner Mutant, MP40 officer - Zio McCall
Chaingunner Officer - Laz Rojas
XDeaths - Laz Rojas, AstroCreep
Super Mutant - Majik Monkee
Melee Mutant - Laz Rojas
Breakable Shit - Sigma64, Zio McCall, AstroCreep
Sounds - Rise of the Triad, Doom

ECWolf by Blzut3
Fork by linuxwolf
Demo-Mod by AstroCreep[/spoiler]



[EDIT 5/14/19 - fixed pots and pans breakable actor, made column blocking again, made bosses stronger and immune to certain damagetypes]
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Re: Wolf3D Demolition (linuxwolf fork feature test)

Post by Blzut3 » Thu May 16, 2019 5:33

Glad to see Linuxwolf working on some additions. I'll have to take a look at this soon.

One thing I will note skimming over the readme is do make sure that if ZDoom functionality is being added that it's API compatible with ZDoom. The one that stuck out most to me is that "Death_FireDamage" should be "Death.Fire".

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Re: Wolf3D Demolition (linuxwolf fork feature test)

Post by linuxwolf » Thu May 16, 2019 11:00

I was more than happy to help. I'll make any changes you propose.

Thanks for making ECWolf btw. I consider myself a fan of yours now.

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