q1.1.0 rc1

Truecolor ZDoom with extra features and some unofficial/beta GZDoom features.
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q1.1.0 rc1

Post by Rachael » Wed Dec 07, 2016 0:00

Another release is imminent. I've thrown up some release candidates. If nothing major gets reported within the next day or two, these will be promoted to official releases.

q1.1.0 rc1 32-bit
q1.1.0 rc1 64-bit

Notable changes:
  • Updated to the very last ZDoom/GZDoom commit before the ZScript merge.
  • Lots of stability improvements with the drawer code.
  • LLVM code is now compiled directly into the executable rather than at startup. This results in smaller executable sizes, as well as faster startups. The LLVM code is compiled to a Pentium 4 target. If your processor is not compatible, QZDoom will not start. (Not that it ever did before anyway :P)
With this, obviously, it means QZDoom's master branch will now operate from ZDoom's ZScript base.

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