[Realm667] - Reviews & News from YOU! (read 1st post!)

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[Realm667] - Reviews & News from YOU! (read 1st post!)

Post by Tormentor667 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 14:25

Reviews & News from You
In case you haven't noticed this yet, the Realm667 has two new sections that need (!) to be filled with content from you, one is about reviews, the other one is about community news. These areas actually life from your support.

In the reviews area, you have a link where you can easily and simply write a review about a wad/project of your choice and post it including ratings, info, screenshots etc. It only needs to get approved by us, but that will happen in most of the cases.

Concerning community news, the system is quite similar to Doomworld's news posting with 2 very important differences: First you have more possibilites, like even adding a screenshot alongside the text, the second thing is that we are not that nitpicky when it comes to news. So, if you have spotted nice projects in development, releases or other things which are worth mentioning but only got posted in the forums from now, simply send us the news.

The two areas only live with your help, so please give it a go, we are looking forward to your contributions! :)

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