Upcoming 3.5 and screen resolution

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Upcoming 3.5 and screen resolution

Post by Zhadoom » Wed Jun 20, 2018 15:56


I was browsing through the changelog for GZDoom and found this:
17-Jun-2018 (Sunday) at 09:19:14 CDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit b65b83edb
Parents: 322488d1d

removed the hard screen resolution switch that still was present on Windows and cleaned up the entire video backend code from the remaining support code for this.

Like Linux and macOS this will only support borderless fullscreen in the active desktop resolution now, which is what modern systems need. The list of discrete resolutions has been removed as it makes no sense anymore with a fixed video mode - all the other scaling options remain active, though.
What does it actually mean?
Will GZDoon refuse to run on a different resolution than the current one of the Windows desktop?
What does "fullscreen toggle" mean in this respect?

I'm asking because I use to run my desktop in a lower resolution that GZDoom. Is this still possible in future?

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Re: Upcoming 3.5 and screen resolution

Post by Gez » Fri Jun 22, 2018 15:15

Fullscreen mode will be a borderless window.

I don't understand why your desktop resolution isn't the maximum. If it's an accessibility issues, there are ways to get bigger fonts and icons without crippling your desktop resolution.

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