Crash (Thread Split)

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Re: Crash (Thread Split)

Post by XxMiltenXx » Tue Nov 01, 2016 0:32

I guess both errors are related, because I also get a DrawColumnRt error before getting my "DrawColumnHoriz" error. I was playing around with the Map I had trouble with and basically removing some monsters kinda fixes the problem. It simply seems, the more there are, the more likely it is to get the DrawColumnRt error, and after a certain amount it'll end with DrawColumnHoriz. Also, just the number of sprites doesn't seem important for my error, rather some sort of "complexity". If I replace all sprites with dead Doom Guys, the game won't crash. If I put in dead Pistol Zombies, the game will crash with the stated error message, if I put in a Small Blue Torch, the game won't crash, if I replace them all with a big Blue Torch, the game will crash again. I don't know if that kind of information is helpful to you.

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Re: Crash (Thread Split)

Post by dpJudas » Tue Nov 01, 2016 23:52

It has something to do with rounding errors that cause things to out of bounds. The screen size you use, plus the location of the sprite, the size of the sprite, where the player is, and what direction you look in - they all affect the broken math. The more sprites you add and such increase the chance of the math being off.

To make it even worse, memory location also has a saying on whether it crashes in the end - which means it might be perfectly stable one launch, or one computer, and on the next it crashes and burns.

Fun stuff. :)


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