GZDoom-compatible model packs for Heretic

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GZDoom-compatible model packs for Heretic

Post by vau0807 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 16:26

I strongly prefer GZDoom to Doomsday/Snowberry. Unfortunately, most downloadable model packs support the Snowberry file structure.

However, I did find two GZDoom-compatible Heretic model packs: GZ-Models.pk3 and Heretic-models.pk3. I've experimented with loading each of them in the [Heretic.Autoload] section of the zdoom-username.ini file.

GZ-Models looks great but is very incomplete; it mostly focuses on Doom.

Heretic-models.pk3 is complete and looks great, but some of the HUD weapon models won't render for some reason. For example, the Elven Wand is invisible (though it shoots as expected) and the Ethereal Crossbow appears as a sprite.

The Global.Autload section of the ini is empty. Below is the Heretic.Autoload section.

Code: Select all

I realize that this is a forum for GZDoom specifically and not for model packs, but this seems like an issue that would interested other users. Any help is appreciated.

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