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How to edit Doomguy's head in HUD ?

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 19:14
by loud
Hello everyone, i would like to know (as mentionned in title) how i can replace the doomguy's head that we see in teh hud (the head sufffering, yes).

I've already drawn my spritesheet with all the faces i want to use :

But, after looking on the internet for around 1 hour, i can't find any tutorial about how to replace the original spritesheet by mine.
I use GZDoom to launch Doom 2 (wad).

Please, anyone can explain or redirect me to a tutorial explainning it ?

It could be great !

Re: How to edit Doomguy's head in HUD ?

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:46
by Blue Shadow
Give each mugshot frame the same name as its original counterpart. When you load your mod, the engine will use your mugshot frames.

As you can see from this screenshot, the "rampage" frame is named STFKILL0, so you give the frame that represents that rampage state the same name: STFKILL0. And so on.