[6f16597] Crashing randomly when lights are loaded

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[6f16597] Crashing randomly when lights are loaded

Post by Vaecrius » Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:33

What I did to get the crash:

gzdoom -file lights.pk3 -noautoload -warp 18

iddqd, run out into the courtyard, then run around waking up everything that can come into the courtyard and continue running around the courtyard for a bit. After a minute or so it will crash. It might crash more quickly if I summon a whole bunch of arachnotrons into the fray but that could be my imagination.

It does not seem to crash if I just stand at the spawn doing nothing.

It also does not seem to crash if I run without lights.pk3 (or any other lights defintion).

Turning off dynamic lights in the ini but still loading the lights definition file does not prevent the crash.
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