MAP24: Update & Issues

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MAP24: Update & Issues

Post by Rex Claussen » Wed Jun 14, 2017 14:20

1. MAP24 is the starting map of the "expansion pack"
2. The player starts in a prison cell, similar to the start of Paranoia
3. The resonance cascade occurs at the game start (via a skippable cut-scene), causing cell door malfunction, vent grate breakage, & allowing player to escape the prison area
4. Crawling through ducts, the player is able to find her/his way to a "public" area
5. Much Part of the map is locked down and the player must get her/his security clearance reinstated in order to go through the rest of the map find a way to Map 25, get a security key, and return to Mao 24 before being able to progress to Map 27.
6. The only option is for the player to go to MAP26 to find Sgt. Harrison & get the security clearance reinstated.
7. Parts of the map loosely resemble those of the first map of Paranoia, in that there are the prison cell blocks, and barracks.
8. Significant parts of the map have been changed.
9. Mapping = 90% complete
10. Gameplay = 10% complete

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