MAP25: Update & Issues

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MAP25: Update & Issues

Post by Rex Claussen » Wed Jun 14, 2017 14:25

1. MAP25 is the second map of the "expansion pack"
2. The player must reinstate her/his security clearance by finding Sgt. Harrison's office
3. After reinstating the security clearance the player can return to MAP25 or go to MAP27. [The player will need to eventually return to MAP25 in order to proceed to MAP28.]The player must obtain a security key before returning to Map24
4. Parts of the map loosely resemble those of the second map of Paranoia, in that there are the offices.
5. Significant parts of the map have been changed, mainly having the offices in multi-story buildings.
6. Mapping = 90% complete
7. Gameplay = 0% complete

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