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Re: Request: A Few New Models

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 15:03
by Enjay
Okey dokey - I've done something with the radar.

I've set it up so that when it first spawns, it's in its inactive position, rises up (takes 4-5 seconds) and then starts oscillating. If you need it to spawn straight to its oscillating animation, that's just a quick tweak to the DECORATE.

I initially made an animation with lots of frames in the oscillation but that actually turned out quite rough. It turned out better when I used fewer frames and allowed the inbuilt GZDoom interpolation to smooth the action instead; a testament to my poor model rotation skills probably.

I've included a small map so that you can easily test the activation/deactivation. Just a note, it is possible to walk up to the switch and deactivate the radar before it starts oscillating if the player hits the switch within about 5 seconds or so. This makes it suddenly jump to the start of its deactivation sequence before the activation one is finished - which just looks odd. I don't imagine that will be a problem in game. If the player is likely to be able to deactivate the radar within 5 seconds of starting the map, then a simple delay can be added to the map ACS to prevent the switch being usable until the radar has had time to start oscillating, or the DECORATE can be tweaked (as above) so that the radar spawns straight to its oscillating animation.

I also added a small red light and a brightmap for it so that there is a secondary clue to the radar's active/inactive condition. Feel free to use or dispose of as you see fit.

I haven't added any sounds, but I think that using "big machinery moving" sounds would help the impact of this, if you have any suitable sounds handy.

One more thing: I noticed that if ambient occlusion is active in GZDoom, shadows on the surface of the model flicker and change as the animation happens (and also if you wander around the base of the model looking at the low crossbars). I do not believe that this is a fault of the model per-se. I think it's just the way the GZDoom handles the ambient occlusion and, in a model like this were several parts overhang others and it also moves, it's simply not something that the GZDoom AO handles very well. If you switch off AO, the model looks fine. As far as I know, there isn't a way to tell GZDoom to not use AO on a specific model (I don't even know if that's technically possible). I'll put in a feature suggestion over at ZDoom just in case it's something that can be done. [edit] Done [/edit]

Anyway, try out the attached PK3 and if you need anything changed, let me know. ... arDish.pk3

Re: Request: A Few New Models

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 20:29
by Rex Claussen
That animation looks fantastic! It surpasses my expectations for the swivel and inactive motions. With the exception of the model jumping to it's "median" frame, all performs exactly as we discussed. I will incorporate it into the game.

At any rate, many thanks for the excellent work, Boss.

Re: Request: A Few New Models

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 20:33
by Enjay
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