Jive, this asshole, this robber and destructor of wads

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Jive, this asshole, this robber and destructor of wads

Post by Jive » Thu Dec 14, 2006 16:21

I am tired to repeat the same things since the very long time I am involved with Doom.
So, here is a resume about my Doom related activities.

1) I gave an interview on 2002 at Newdoom.
Here, you will find very importants comments and explanations about my work (what I do exactly and why), with examples.

2) Why are you releasing other people's stuff?
- maybe because I am a dental surgeon, always making my best to solve problems, errors. Sometimes asked, sometimes decided by myself.
- surely because I love authors. I do what they would have do by themselves if they have had the powerfull tools used today.
- maybe because I love Doom
- surely because I want the best for the users coming on my sites
- maybe because I highly dislike to leave errors when I know perfectly how to correct them
- surely because I'm crazy

3) Why are you acting like a moron when DrD's users are posting comments about your work?

- Because, most of the time, the comments are out of purpose (they are about things which were not in my intentions).
For example, I don't want to add Gzdoom features when my purpose is ONLY to debug and to correct remaining problems.

- Because it is VERY frustrating to work hardly and to receive bad comments for wrong reasons (even if they are true, when given out of purpose, they become false reasons).
Example: I show a screenshot to let see what I made, and the comments are focused on the new sky (and I repeat that I don't use skyboxes), and nobody see the details and the reality of the changes. Instead, they tell me that there are still unaligned textures on the wad.
Yes, there are still unaligned textures, because I correct only the most important problems, and also because NOTHING is perfect, never!!!

- Because I spend a lot of time to make html files about the released wads and the details of my work, and I read comments proving that the guy who made the comment did not read anything and says no matter what, and how could it be different since he speaks about things which he does not know?
Example: comments about "my" skybox, when I wrote that I didn't use any skybox...

- Because I work for the only purpose to give pleasure, and not to begin a new war against the wind...

4) Why do you release unauthorized works?
:shock: I NEVER release a wad when the author answer to my email, telling me that I am NOT allowed to do it.
The lastest example is my work on the Massmouth Series, by CyB. He sent me an email, and I didn't release my work, thus I worked hardly on both of the megawads, and I really think that I made a good job, adding a lot of Zdoom cool features.

And now, here is a good example of my work on the making (not yet released): Epi-Hell, by Paul "Moe" Fleshutes", e2m4
on the left, the splendid bug; on the right, the corrections made by me.
Will you dare to tell me that I was wrong to do it?
Please please please: no comment about he sky!!! It is NOT the purpose, ok?
I had to deal and to find how to apply the necessary corrections without changing what was intended by Moe: an invisible road in front of the temple.

"c'mon this doesn't make wad any better than original version if you can't do changes which are needed to make it way better! Stop acting like stupid mapper which doesn't listen to other people"
alterworldruler, are you still so sure of what you wrote?

Paul, you think that it is ME the moron... ?!? :shock:
You know that I trust you, and that I have a great respect for you and any of your wise comments. :oops:
I will listen very carefully what you have to tell me after these explanations.
a splendid bug with the OpenGl Gzdoom renderer, because of a map bug (a cheat with the usual editor's rules)
epi-hell_e4m4_before-after.jpg (43.84 KiB) Viewed 2554 times

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Post by Alter » Thu Dec 14, 2006 16:43

Chill out jive! ;) I wasn't sure what i said even today sorry for the bashing let's calm down and talk like true people

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Post by Vader » Thu Dec 14, 2006 16:46

Get over it already... this starts to get annoying :?

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Post by Jive » Thu Dec 14, 2006 18:00

alterworldruler wrote:Chill out jive! ;) sorry for the bashing let's calm down and talk like true people
Peace, alterworldruler! :wink:

And sorry for my bad english. I do my best, but this best is still far from what is correct. I know it, but I can't do better... :oops:

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Post by wildweasel » Thu Dec 14, 2006 18:12

I'm going to do everyone a favor and dive on this grenade before it does any damage to the rest of us. I'm sure Jive has said what he wants to, and I get the feeling this would be a whole lot easier if we could forget this ever happened.


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