well bye bye for a bit maybe

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well bye bye for a bit maybe

Post by PeskySaurus » Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:08

well considering everyone that lives in my house has no fucking job, i'm likely to be homeless or at the very least without internet. i have my application all over the city, my former construction bosses no longer live in florida, its all total bullshit. the only way you guys could help is a. if you know any job openings in Cape Coral, FL, b. if you know of any internet jobs i can start RIGHT NOW while i still have internet, not scams, actual jobs like typing jobs or something (i type like 130 wpm max 109wpm average) anything really. fuck fuck fuck
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Re: well bye bye for a bit maybe

Post by Wolf3DFan15 » Wed Nov 11, 2009 22:43

Well this typing job seems interesting, for you see i'm in a similar situation.
I'd like that very much as I type quite fast and would be perfect way to get money from sitting at home.
I'd get another job only years of torment at school has left me really unconfident in myself and fear of being tormented by them again is too much.

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