Dreamhost + Viglink = NOPE (phpBB 3.2 related)

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Dreamhost + Viglink = NOPE (phpBB 3.2 related)

Post by Rachael » Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:37

In case anyone is upgrading to phpBB 3.2 in the near future on Dreamhost - just be aware that the Viglink extension must be disabled. It conflicts with Dreamhost's mod_security and the maintainers of the phpBB project suggest it's a problem on Dreamhost's end. Well it doesn't matter whose problem it is - the issue is being passed around like a hot potato - for everyone caught in the middle, if you are having trouble "sending statistics" from your ACP (and are, therefore, unable to access your ACP dashboard) simply navigate to your extensions and deactivate and/or uninstall Viglink. Problem solved.

(As a note, Dreamhost's mod_security returns access code 418 when you attempt to send your statistics - if you are getting this error 'unused' it is mod_security in action, it also logs the event in your error log so you can view it later)
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