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Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2006 6:01
by Chronoteeth
Hey tda, by now you shoud have a new compy or whatever. Gonna finish this mod up or what?

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 22:29
by TheDarkArchon
When did I say I was going to finish it when I get a new computer? :S

Besides it's still a few months till I get one: I'm waiting until Vista is getting released.

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 22:55
by wildweasel
Don't hold your breath. When Vista is released, there's bound to still be plenty of bugs and reasons not to upgrade. Stick with XP for now, and adopt Vista in a few years when you can be sure Microsoft has at least tried to address most of the major consumer issues (and the major software/hardware manufacturers have guaranteed their stuff to work with Vista).

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 0:33
by TheDarkArchon
There's also the AMD vs. Intel Quad-Core war coming up as well.

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 6:07
by wildweasel
For most gamers, CPU won't make a terribly large difference - not for several years, anyway. As it stands now, the largest performance increases you'll get are from upgrading your graphics card. A 3 GHz Pentium 4 will still serve you quite well - along with a good video card and enough RAM.

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 17:18
by TheDarkArchon
I'd also be using said computer for university purposes, so making OpenOffice or VC++ faster can only be a good thing. Besides, a next-gen processor war will only drive down prices of current-gen processors.