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Bug/Feature posting instructions

Post by BioHazard » Wed Aug 02, 2006 8:10

As you probably have guessed, this is a place to post bugs. Feature requests are fine too, just remember they are requests.

Before you post, I want the thread title to be a certian format:
[program-version] Breif Description

Code: Select all

[KwikStrip-2.5.6] Crash when itm.dir has no backslash at end

Code: Select all

[ZDL-3.0d] It's just plain broken. The whole lot of it...

Code: Select all

[Filler-2.0] Set the options to 1 and 3 and BOOM!
If you are using an SVN version (I'll hopefully have that working soon), make sure to include the revision number and any diffs that need to be applied. (Though generally, if you modify the source and it crashes, it's not my problem)

The post text should include the last few things you did before whatever program crashed as well as any weird stuff pops up in the error boxes. I especially need the crash address and the error code. Both pop up in the standard windows crash message so no excuses.

Some of my newer programs have a fancy crash dialog that tells you everything under the sun. Definately post that. It's also a good idea to post your config/ini file too. It's almost always in the same dir as the EXE.

Hopefully, my newer software is coded to a better standard than my previous applications so it shouldn't happen very often.

Feature requests:
It's alright to post feature requests. All I ask is a bit of conformity.

Titles: [program] description

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[KwikStrip] It needs to make my breakfast!

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[ZDL] It should launch legacy too!
(note: requests like those above will get you nowhere fast)

In your post, please explain in detail what you want and why you want it.
If you can manage, also explain how you think it should be implemented and what kind of modifications would need to be made.
Also, be sure to provide a valid example scenario. Tell me why it would be worth the effort and code bloat.

Anyway... Hope that helps explain what I want. I'll probably just flat-out delete anything I don't understand or isin't useful.

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