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Vendor Items List

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 9:19
by wildweasel
Each of the vendors in the hub map will obviously sell different things. But since I don't want to flood the screen with too many purchase options and sub-choices, there's going to be a lot of here is a list of all the vendors, where they're located, and what each one sells. It does not list the price of each item yet, as that will be balanced later once we have something to balance it against.

Nash, you can feel free to just use placeholder graphics and script actions until we get the graphics and inventory items implemented.

Medic Shop
Located in the Medic room on the west end

- Health, in 10, 25, and 100 point increments
- Max Health upgrades (limit one per mission completed), in 10 point increments

Located in the Armor room on the west end

- Armor, in Light and Heavy variants
- Powered Anti-Magnetic Boots (usable inventory item that doubles player speed for 60 seconds)
- Recoil Stopping Bracers (permanently reduces refire inaccuracy by 40% on all automatic weapons, negates the self-damage effects of the D-Point Magnum)

Weapon Dealer
Located in the Weapon room on the west end

- The dealer himself sells ammo for your weapons. Not sure how to structure his purchase options though - probably organize the menu by slot number and then have an individual option for each weapon's ammo type.
- There should be an Ammo Recycler machine in the weapon shop that will allow you to sell unused ammo types for half price.
- There should also be one Purchase Terminal in there per slot number (making seven terminals total)

Shady Dealer 1
Located in the warehouse on the east end. Sells items that are considered illegal in the context of the game

- Vial of Experimental Drugs (usable inventory item that enables Berserk mode, the same experimental drugs referred to in one of the missions - as such, they should be sold at an inflated price after that mission)
- D-Point Magnum upgrade, plus ammo for it
- Deployable Sentry Robots (usable inventory item that summons a sentry robot, raided from a military complex several years ago, player can only buy three per game due to limited stock)

Shady Dealer 2
Located in the bar on the north end. Sells ammo in bulk, in larger packs than the Arms Dealer on the west end, but at a slightly higher price.

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 14:21
by Alter
as for 100 health increment use the strife's biggest medikit sprite ^_^

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 23:17
by TheDarkArchon
Why would it need a sprite? :?

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 0:06
by wildweasel
No hand-held medikits. I think that makes things too easy.