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Weapons list

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 6:18
by wildweasel
For sake of organization, I'm reposting the old list from the last thread. I will make small modifications to the list if necessary.

A tentative list of weapons. The player is allowed to have only one weapon per slot. Purchasing a new weapon will sell the old one for 50% of its price before buying the new one. All weapons are of the sci-fi persuasion, Doom 3 style.

EDIT by Paul for progress:
Orange colour - weapn graphics done (might need hands or animation, though)
Green colour - weapon code and graphics done (might need rebalancing or additions, though)

Slot 1 - Melee

1. Fists, or a combat knife or something simple. Quick, low damage.
2. Taser/stungun. Something similar to the riot prod from either Deus Ex or Red Faction, in that you can swat people with it, or turn it on and zap them (which costs battery power).
3. VibroAxe. A futuristic kind of one-handed battle axe, that vibrates to do extra damage. Works like Hexen's axe - does more damage if it has power.

Slot 2 - Pistols

1. 9mm Semi Automatic. Like the original, weak, but has a large clip. Player can buy a second one for dual-wield action.

2. Magnum/D-Point Magnum. A five-shot revolver that shoots .454 Casull ammunition. Can be upgraded to fire .454 D-Point ammo, doing much more damage but costing more per bullet and randomly injuring the player (~1 point per shot?) with its massive recoil.
3. Silenced .32 Handgun. Slightly weaker than the 9mm, holding less ammo per clip, but cheaper to buy ammo for, and has the advantage of being silent.

Slot 3 - Shotguns

1. Personal Defense Pump-Action. Has a tight spread and a large internal magazine, but shells don't do very much damage.
2. Semi-Automatic Assault Shotgun. Sort of like the USAS12 or SPAS-15. Slightly more powerful than the PD shotgun, reloads and shoots faster, but the spread is wider and ammo costs slightly more.
3. Sabot Shotgun. In the style of Turok's autoshotgun (or alternatively, the real-world MM-1 grenade launcher). Holds five sabot shells to its integral drum clip, each of which does a lot of damage, but has no spread (and cannot hit multiple targets) and is expensive to buy ammo for.

Slot 4 - Automatics

1. Flechette Gun. An SMG-type weapon, styled after the real-world Bizon SMG. Shoots tiny little darts, which are very cheap and plentiful but do little damage and are best used on weaker enemies. Can be dual-wielded.
2. Personal Defense Weapon. FN-P90 style. Looks like an SMG, but fires 5.56mm NATO rounds. Given the standardized ammo type, it's relatively easy to buy ammo for. Can be upgraded with a suppressor.
3. Assault Gun. Styled after the FN SCAR rifle. Powerful rifle, with small clip (20 rounds) and can only fire in single shot or burst fire mode. Can be upgraded with an underslung grenade launcher.

Slot 5 - Throwable

1. AP Grenades. Small grenades with a medium blast radius that does minimal damage to surrounding enemies. Pineapple style.
2. Frag Grenades. Medium sized grenades with little to no blast radius, but throws a shower of shrapnel around that does average damage to surrounding foes.
3. HE Grenades. Grenades that have no frags, but a large, powerful blast radius. Expensive.

Slot 6 - Energy Weapons

1. Blaster. Similar to Quake 4's in form and function, except for the fact that its battery is limited and cannot be replaced. When the blaster is empty, a new one must be purchased. Cheap, but disposable.
2. Plasma Auto-rifle. A medium-range projectile weapon with good damage, but slightly inaccurate projectiles. Must be reloaded.
3. Man-portable Particle Accelerator. Shoots very fast, high-damage projectiles with a high degree of accuracy, but takes a long time to recharge afterwards. Form-wise, it looks vaguely like the Russian PTRS anti-tank rifle.

Slot 7 - Explosives

1. Disposable LAW. Light anti-tank rocket launcher that cannot be reloaded, similar to the Panzerfaust. Not particularly expensive.
2. Recoilless anti-tank shell launcher. Similar to the one in The Stranger, launches very fast (hitscan) rockets with high damage but low blast radius.
3. Portable Anti-Matter Generator. Hold fire button to charge, and release only when it's fully charged and ready to fire. Launches a chunk of anti-matter that will disintegrate pretty much anything, including the weapon itself after a few shots. Naturally, that makes this weapon disposable.

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 13:57
by Paul
Bump ahead.

A grand list it is. Since some past I haven't had much time to work on it and judging by its sizes (the number of weapons) it's gonna take at least a month to full up! So I'll be getting to it soon.

The weapons have reloading? Alternate fire? I would like to know that, please. That way I can design more interesting firearms. Perhaps merge it with some of my older designs.

I am also going to need someone to
a) put hands on the weapons
b ) smoothise the animations or add extras, such as blinking lights or missing thingies.

Some notes:
  • The fists can be done by anyone IMO, or we could borrow the ones from Stranger. I'm saying this so we don't waste time on these.
  • I'll make one pistol and someone else akimbo-sises them, kay?

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 14:40
by wildweasel
Weapons will all have reloading. Not sure if we're going to do Doomguy hands or new ones - I'll probably leave all the hands and extra stuff to Marty Kirra.

And yeah, the Stranger fists are probably going to be coming out of retirement for one last job =P

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 16:39
by Paul
Btw, perhaps we could utilise THIS as the Blaster?
This is a weapon I made some days ago, based off a very old R One concept for a Photon Blaster. Has 5 frames and a projectile (and pickup frame)

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 18:52
by wildweasel
Oh, that is Awesome with a capital A. HacX-style hands, too? I vote in favor of those for all our weapons - or perhaps we could reuse the ww-diaz hands again?

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 21:06
by Paul
Thanks Weasel. Really motivates me.
Hands I'll leave to you. I can turn Doom hands into hacx-style gloves very easily.

How about you apply hands to these guns, whatever they will be so we can work faster. What you say for that?
I'll get cracking as soon as I wrap up the newly done Gauss Rifle and the shotgun for Xaser I've been asked to do .. in January! damn.. please give me some time.

Posted: Mon May 07, 2007 22:08
by Paul
The Gauss Rifle I was going to release in the forums, but perhaps it could fit as our plasma rifle? It has many frames and is sexy in my opinion. What do you think Corwin?


Here I'm also uploading rough concept art for the remaining CHC2 weapons (save for the taser, blaster and plasma)
Spoiler: Warning, Wide image!

Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 11:16
by Paul

Another 2 weapons made. 9mm Pistol and 454 Casull Magnum. Check them out.


Notes - These, when put into the wad, must be animated to produce 'smooth' pulling out and reloading anomations by someone else (I think you weapon modders know that anyway). Probably Weeze or Marty. I'm too busy with the rest of them guns.
The revolver lacks hands. To make them look good you're going to have to enlarge them. Use pixel resize and smudge the jaginess out of them. Overlay clouds to put a bit detail to the palm. If it's too hard I'll save it as the last jobby and do it myself.

Enough blabber.

File linkage: ... 4-CHC2.rar
Pickups included, but not the ammo. Oh, both weapons have laser sights. Since it is rather trendy as of late (I think?) how about adding Zero-Tolerance like laser sights to the code?

Final note- Please do not download anything else from that server or hostile actions will be taken.

Posted: Fri May 18, 2007 14:51
by wildweasel
Okay, it's nearing the end of my work week and I'll be getting back to work on these weapons in about 8 hours from now (once I get off work). Providing I can figure my way around importing PNG graphics and aligning them properly (surprisingly difficult...), I should have results by the end of the weekend.

Marty Kirra, could you possibly help out by adding the hands on the 454 Revolver?

Posted: Fri May 18, 2007 20:00
by Paul
PNG's? Everything I submit is in Gif format.

But I made a condition. Either someone says something in the CHC2 subforum or I make no more guns. Looks like I'll have to get back to those gfx editors...

Posted: Fri May 18, 2007 23:11
by wildweasel
PNG importing is so that I can get around the Doom palette limitations (or else we'll need to make a whole new palette).

Posted: Fri May 18, 2007 23:36
by wildweasel
Here is the first (and probably the easiest) weapon: the blaster. Sounds are from Quake 4 and System Shock 2, and I borrowed liberal amounts of code from ww-cola's Ares Blaster (because the weapons are similar enough).

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 7:21
by Paul
PNG thing - fair enough I believe.

Blaster - Oh wow I'm totally inspired and urged to work now. Great work.

EDIT: If you want my opinion, I believe we should employ more Decorate people. The ammount of guns is pretty large and it will take at least several months before they are done.

EDIT Once again: I'll be editing Corwin's post up there and checking the weapons that have their graphics done, so I know where I am.

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 8:27
by wildweasel
Next up is a half-done version of the 9mm handgun - pending akimbo functionality (because I'm not sure how I want to do it yet) and the Reload key doesn't work yet.

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 9:08
by Alter
The blaster is pretty damn smooth :) I like it.... though we need more ACTIVE people