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Mission A: The Cult

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 17:29
by Golden Heaven
Alrighty, I opened a topic with progress on Mission A: The cult. 'Till now everything is going smooth and the progress of the map is going well. Below you'll find a screenshot with information. It's a Doom Builder screenshot, so it doesn't mean alot, but I'd like to finish the map more before I give you a preview or let you beta-test it.
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Here some general information:
Mission A: The Cult
Texture packs used: The same textures as the hub map uses and standard textures.
New monsters: yes, most of them come from the bestiary
Music: Yes, the music will be VorteX by TimeLord, Arena by Kenny Chou ( aka C.C.Catch/Renaissance ) for the Cult Members and Desert ( by Kenny Chou ) for Charon.
New sounds: I have a couple new sounds right now.
Screenshot and information:

1. I'm going to put a lever somewhere near this place that opens 2
2. A garage door that you have to open to continue your mission.
3. Secrets. The thing below is a truck look-a-like with which you' drove' there
4. This is where you start.
5. A Tunnel Network filled with Lost Souls and Poison Souls.
6. Trap which gets triggered by running over a line nearby.
7. A series of machines and an imp to play around with ( you can gib and revive him as much as you want :) ).
8. The garage and the road is surrounded with a fence and water.
9. Bridges where you'll find slime underneath ( don't worry, here you can't fall off .. yet.. ;) ).
10. This is just a small hall which connects the two slime 'baths' with eachother.
11. ( Yeah I forgot the number but it's that line that has no number. ) This is the inside of the garage where everything kinda comes together.[/spoiler]


Feel free to comment something, advise me, ask information, etc...

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 12:57
by Golden Heaven
Update, I've done some more work, still needs a few finishing touches there, but it's a big improvement since last time. Still, the end isn't even NEAR yet, since I still have to do the other two cult members + Charon. But everything is going fine 't ill now.

Updated Screenshot ( without info this time ;) ):

Maybe I'll release an alpha so you can test it soon, but I'm not sure yet.