Alternative fire+Primary fire key break.

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Alternative fire+Primary fire key break.

Post by Corak » Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:31

When holding alternative fire, I cannot use primary fire. In mod like Brutal Mod (Targeting rifle) it's really annoying. Can you make an Option to switch this break, when holding... It would greatly help. Of course i understand this can cause some troubles in Rare mods using alternative fire...

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Re: Alternative fire+Primary fire key break.

Post by Enjay » Sun Apr 15, 2012 15:25

This feature suggestion is applicable to the engine that GZDoom is based on - ie ZDoom - and so the feature suggestion would be better made at the ZDoom forum (even though most of the devs from ZDoom are here too). That being said, I'd be surprised if this changes. I'm sure the inability to fire and alt-fire at the same time has been discussed before and it currently works as intended.

However, I don't remember having the need to press both at the same in Brutal Doom any way.


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