Transfer sector to sector tag

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Transfer sector to sector tag

Post by ibm5155 » Sun Apr 22, 2012 18:14

Is like the 3D floor, but you don´t transfer a single floor, you transfer all that´s into the "3D sector" to the tagged sector, bug for limitations (i think) you´ll only transfer simple sector formats like retangular/cubes/triangle, for transfering complex sectors you could transfer by parts...

This could help alot in editing (too work creat complex sectors up a 3D floor), i think you could just render the transfered sector to the taged area, when you enter in this sector "like a house" you´ll be teleported silented to the other sector...

I think this´ll be easier than put 3D floors in software render =p so here is what i quest if you think it´s not hard to implement (or maybe transfer not to a sector tag and yes for a map spot)

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Re: Transfer sector to sector tag

Post by Graf Zahl » Sun Apr 22, 2012 19:07

I'm not quite sure what you want - but no matter how I try to interpret it - the result always ends in 'The Doom engine can't do it.'.


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