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Wow: Enhanced

Post by Alter » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:58

Okay here are my 2 cents on this jokewad... farking yay! My first review here

Download link:

Graphics 7/10
Level looks very good... this is only jokewad in which you see a lot of detail... oh wait it tries to clone KDiZD :lol: i won't say it's ugly... nice job on detailing

Gameplay 0/10
I will say it's pointless, you get weapon and an illusion pit in which cyberdemon is stuck... your goal is to defeat him but nothing happens after you kill him... Huge flaw even for jokewad, damn lamneth you should make level end after you kill the cyberdemon...

Sounds / Music 5/10
It's nothing spectacular.... no new sounds but new music... E1M1 from 3DO doom... actually it's my favourite DooM soundtrack, nice touch with music here but i give it 5/10 for no sounds

Overall Rating 4/10
Only good things are detail and music... but c'mon gameplay is most important and it's very bad here, lamneth if you want make a true illusion pit then try to make teleporter which teleports you to room full of mirrors everywhere i know it would slowdown Zdoom for most of users :lol:

Alter out!

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Post by Dutch Devil » Thu Jun 07, 2007 22:38

I just played this map dunno why I don't know what to think, I killed the cyber and that was it maybe I was just as bored as Lamneth ;)

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