Final onslaught MAP01

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Final onslaught MAP01

Post by Alter » Fri Jun 08, 2007 10:11

My second review here :)

Download link:
Author: Our Paul or by old nick NMN

Graphics 8/10
The detail in this one is pretty damn great no doubt, i love the texture and slope usage in this map... some slopes were pretty impressive like this room with terminals definitely it gives more modern feel, one section reminded me of first sections in claustrophobia for zdoom definitely.

Gameplay 7/10
Why i didn't give it 4 or 5? Because on UV it's easy but not too easy... and remember this is first map of the planned megawad which was lost by Hard Drive crash in past, the downside of the map is it's difficulty i excepted a bit more challenge but it was okay and i would'nt want a HR2 map32 style map

Sound (N/A because it's a normal map not jokewad like wow: enhanced)/Music 8/10
Music was pretty great and fitting for this map... man our Paul had a good taste for music in this map seriously

Overall rating 8/10, great first map in mapset (In planned mapset NOT in mapping :wink:)


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