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Post by Alter » Fri Jun 08, 2007 14:40

Download link:
Author: Agent Spork

Graphics 8/10
As for spork's '05 design it's great, though a bit repetive in some places... I did screenshot best places in each level (there are 3), each level is other than
previous that's a good thing :D

Gameplay 8/10
The gameplay is challenging on each map... though some sections seemed just placed in cramped places and too hard... example: mancubuses & arch-vile action at final map it felt just too hard... and it was cramped for this kind of action, also i liked the cacolich use in final map though only at one moment. Conclusion: It needs less monsters or less tough ones in cramped traps

Sound(Normal wad so N/A) / Music 9/10
The music was pretty cool but some moments at first map's music were too loud... though rest of musics were okay

Overall rating 8.5/10


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