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Post by wildweasel » Sat Jun 09, 2007 15:42

Revolution! (TVR!.wad) by Thomas van der Velden

Revolution is a 32-map replacement for Doom 2 with a unique twist. Rather than simply recreating the usual tired old tech-bases, hell pits, and such, Revolution recreates realistic locations like subway stations, movie theaters, and apartment buildings. To see each location created with such detail (vanilla-compatible, to boot), adds some uniqueness to the set. Difficulty is also balanced quite well, with support for all difficulty settings.

Thomas' work on realistic locales stands out because each place looks like it could (possibly) be someplace where actual people would be. Well, at least, if there weren't so many zombies and shotguns lying around. Your adventures take you from the beach, to the toxic waste disposal center.

If I have any complaints about gameplay, they would be mainly directed at the map "Wasted!", which starts you in the middle of a pool of toxic waste with only a few medkits to subsist on until you can get a suit. If you somehow managed to get to that map with very little health left, you would be stuck in an infinite loop of dying (or if you were playing vanilla, you'd be forced to start the map without weapons).

Still, though, despite the flaw, I quite like this map set, and I keep it handy every time I need to start my WAD collection from scratch.


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Post by Snarboo » Sat Jun 09, 2007 17:43

Quite possibly my favorite megawad. It's definitely been a source of inspiration!

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