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Post by Alter » Sun Jun 15, 2008 17:50

If you thought this is a weapon-mod with a revolver, you're wrong :D ! This is a new fresh map by Sam Stackhouse (First time i ever hear of him), if you're searching for coffee-break map, this is for YOU :shock: ! (Sorry no screens, my computer is after fresh reinstall, i'm too lazy to install Gzdoom)

Gameplay 10/10
if you like AV-like rampages or Deus Vult style, this is for you! every skill really DIFFERS in choice of monsters, though map is short, it's length is IDEAL for coffee-break. Skill 1&2 are fair. Skill 3 is challenge. Skill 4 is a BIG challenge for Pros only! So yeah, if you aren't skilled enough to play Deus Vult or AV, play on Skill 1 or 2!

Graphics 8/10
Great oldschool design, nothing feels out of place, it doesn't feel cramped...

Music 10/10
Music is awesome in this one

Overall 9/10
I recommend this wad for you, though it's tough and short... :D

Download link:
Author: Sam Stackhouse

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