[Reviews] HDoom and Grezzo 2

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[Reviews] HDoom and Grezzo 2

Post by SGT_Roozy_V » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:45

I will show you 1 mod and 1 standalone game. They are called HDoom, and Grezzo 2.

First of all, we're gonna start of with HDoom because it contains some pornographic content (don't ban me, I'm scared...) and having an Age-Restricted (18+) rating of this mod.
HDoom is a pornographic mod within a touch of mixing Hentai (from Pornographic sites) and Doom (the 1993-94 game) altogether. I'm a bit of scared now. This mod isn't kind of
offensive or even not the worst Doom mod they've ever played YET because it's probably my favorite mod ever. Weapons function the same, you got the shotgun, super shotgun,
chaingun, rocket and then the rocket launcher. The plasma rifle has been replaced by a Porno TV. The BFG was replaced by a cast of Love spells from a book. The fists are replaced
by a pillow which was used for beds when they go to sleep. The chainsaw was replaced by a chain-dildo, unless you couldn't make things up EVER again. The enemies have been re-
placed by Imp-tans, Cacodemonesses, Cyberdemonesses, and all. The enemies were never bothered replacing the Archviles, Spider Masterminds, Arachnotrons, and then the Pain
Elementals. It's still pretty much the greatest mod, but it isn't offensive. It was made by Mike12. I think the help screen sums up the list. Here is the basic hint:
Enemies that are ready to recieve the player's penis/dong/dick will display an animated sequence of hearts more than 2 seconds. Press the use key on these opponents to administer
the goods.
That's it for this help screen and this mod gets a seal of Porno-style. 10/10
Not age restricted on Gggmanlives
Video from Gggmanlives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rxPZbhuhQ8

Last but not least, here is Grezzo 2. What makes things offensive is that there's a bunch of Italian cultural figures like killing innocent people in GTA V (Grand Theft Auto) among the
ways. First of all there is sudden-like in the VERY first level. In the BEGINNING of the very first level, they begin to get married in a church. Then, you (or someone) breaks out a church,
and then you begin killing people in a church with a flamethrower. I guess that makes a kind of sense. The sprites, and all have been ripped by more games like TekWar, Redneck Rampage,
and all. This is like Brutal Doom meets Postal 2, because Gggmanlives reviewed this mod EVER AND EVER. It was one of the OFFENSIVE games ever made by PIRO. PIRO was the developer of
Grezzo 1 and 2, because it needs more generation than that. There's a lot of sound work and all. Many of the music was stolen right here as we see in YouTube and other games. In the website
that you're trying to download, there is a pornographic picture of an Italian man fucking an woman (oh no, plz don't ban me...) in public, and NOTE! Unintended. As it stands out for someone to
just get their rocks off of the side of you killing people with guns that's really cool in it's future generation. There is an ISO file. It contains a lot of space like your hard drive. You must use PowerISO
or MagicISO. If you want to really play it, here is the link for you. The menu uses the images from the "CROSSED" comic series, and if you like the "CROSSED" comic series, then it's really badass now.
So, prepare for killing innocent people in games, you killer. Most of the levels will take you 15-20-50 and 6 hours of gameplay which takes a long time. The original Grezzo was cancelled.
Wikipedia page (too impossible to translate it, which it sucks.)
Video from Gggmanlives (if it is pornographic in the menu graphics, then it's bad for you. Stop watching.)

This mod gets a seal of craziness, porno-style, crappiness, averageness, and basically the most goodness. God, I love it. And I can't say any more ratings.
If you really want 2 games/mods, then it is fine for you. If you haven't heard of any controversial games, watch this video from Gggmanlives:
Note that all Doom servers are closed now not by me.

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