3d levels

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3d levels

Post by sykesccorp » Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:20

would making a 3d model for a doom map work like say it was a massive landscape but the scape was a 3dmodel would that work?

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Post by wildweasel » Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:27

You'd have to "scuplt" the level beneath the geometry model, because a model on its own wouldn't be enough for Doom to know what the player can and cannot walk on. But aside from that, I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible. Didn't Sitters do that with his Risen3D levels?

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Post by Enjay » Wed Feb 13, 2008 15:02

Yup, sitters has certainly used similar effects. However, I think Risen3D can use the models for collision purposes.

Two complications that would need to be overcome.

As WW said, models are not used for collision detection in GZdoom so the ground underneath would have to be sculpted to approximate the shape of the model otherwise the player would just walk through the hills etc as if they weren't there.

Just like sprites, models are only drawn if the sector they are placed in is visible. If you have a very big model, chances are that from some places on the map, you would not be able to see the sector that the thing the model is bound to was placed in - so the model would just vanish until you could see the sector in question again.

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