Massive Question!

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Massive Question!

Post by sykesccorp » Mon Mar 24, 2008 12:13

Last night me and my freind were chatting on the phone now he described a wad he was going to make but he didnt know how he could do it arfter cearful planning and what not we came up with.... nothing

the question is this theres two sides each having there own little player classes say you chose to be a fighter you start here if mage you start here each player class having an equal amount of freindly monsters to there side but evil to the other side so basicly you could chose to fight witht the demons or against the demons now the only massive part about this is that it has to be multiplayer compatible like team death match with bots that airnt bots

if you got my writing could you help me need an answer asap for as he wants to release it soon

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