doom build 2 need help understand boundries

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doom build 2 need help understand boundries

Post by DefconRazor32 » Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:34

I been mapping for 5 years and been getting it a lot unneeded bugs due to doombuilder 1 itself, but those bugs were cleared once i used doom builder 2. I been using doom builder 2 for the few month's following shizism's revival and to really top things i been trying to make big maps but it's a the boundries of doombuilder that seem to stop me from progressively making the map i truly wanna make it's what's been giving me mapper block.

by boundries i mean this:

The things i run into is sectors acting up randomly outta nowhere, then there's the one i dislike the most bleeding sectors or one sided sectors sectors. It's hard for me to explain things but explaining things like this isn't my best talent. I do know that doombuilder 2 bugs should be reported and stuff, but i don't know how to contact people through email stuff, and that everytime i try to contact people i end up getting things going wrong and the only way i can contact people is through via the PM, and i'd like to say sorry if i dunno how to use email stuff correctly. I mainly wanted to know how far a map can made before i come near to the assumption when a sector acts up or sectors bleed so i can map better or get some advice on how to avoid these problems. I will take any advice i can get so if anyone can understand my problem that's why i posted it here.

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