TNT Skyboxes: How to use?

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TNT Skyboxes: How to use?

Post by Herculine » Sun May 29, 2011 11:42

How do I get a map to use the four-part sky textures like the ones found in TNT: Evilution?

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Re: TNT Skyboxes: How to use?

Post by Davitch » Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:49

I was wondering about 1024 (360 degree) skies myself recently. I figured it out by a combination of trial and error/looking at other people's maps, and have prepared a step by step tutorial. The tutorial I wrote assumes that you are using XWE with a Vanilla Doom map, so hopefully it's helpful:

1. Open your wad file in XWE.

2. Go to the Entry menu and select Load (NOT Load raw data) and import the four sections of the sky texture you are
going to create. Make sure the image names correspond to each of the four directions they will represent
(East, North, West, South) prior to performing this step.

3. Select all four newly imported images (Shift+Click). Right click the selection and choose 'Add to Patch Names'.

4. Select the new PNAMES entry and scroll down to the bottom. Take note of the Patch ID numbers for the imported images.
(If you are using Doom 2 and have not added textures/patches to the wad file previously the numbers should be 469-472)

5. Right click the PNAMES entry and select 'Add to Texture'.

6. select TEXTURE1 and find the section of the list that has the sky textures (For Doom 2 these are listed as SKY1, SKY2 and SKY3)

7. Select the sky texture you want to replace and change its width from 256 to 1024.

8. Now go to the Textures menu up above and select 'New Patch'. Do this a total of three times so that the sky texture has
four patches.

9. Enter the Patch ID number for the eastern sky image in the first row Under the column 'PID'. Do the next three rows in this
same way, but make sure the patches are in this order: East, North, West, South.

10. Now adjust the positions of the patches within the sky texture. To do so, change the 'xPos' under the North Patch to 256,
the West Patch to 512 and the East Patch 768.

11. Done!

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