Blender .md3 minimal animation.

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Blender .md3 minimal animation.

Post by Condus Mundus » Mon Nov 28, 2011 15:31

So suppose I have a decorative, static model. Suppose I modelled and skinned it in Blender. What is the minimum animation to not get a "-actorname- at (co-ord, co-ord) has no frames" error?

EDIT: And this is without any sort of "model not found" errors.

EDIT2: Allow me to clarify my question a bit. I am asking if you have are required to have an empty frame or not and if so, is there some sort of minimum length of time this needs to elapse? I've scoured the internet for a few days now looking for an answer and have found nothing.

EDIT3: Nevermind. Google still won't give you anything useful if you search after this particular subject but I found this thread by accident and solved my problem.

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