GZDoombuilder and Project Brutality

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GZDoombuilder and Project Brutality

Post by pming » Wed May 04, 2016 8:20


So...why can't GZDoombuilder load in ProjectBrutality.pk3? I get "duplicate" type errors, so it just craps out and says "NOPE!"...just ignores the pk3 file (excludes it from being loaded, basically).

At first it was a simple "DECORATE" and "DECORATE" dup, normal for PB I guess. I just renamed the one with the comment about being "Activatable stuff". I only plan on releasing/mapping for single player maps, so I can't see this being a problem (is it?). But even doing that, it now complains about duplicate named .png files of some kind.

Anyone have any success in loading in the ProejctBrutality.pk3 file? Or has someone created a .cfg file for GZDoombuilder? Or figured out a simple work-around?

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Re: GZDoombuilder and Project Brutality

Post by NeoHippo » Thu May 05, 2016 6:57

Dragging Project Brutality 2.03.pk3 onto the GZDoom executable of GZD g2.2pre-1534 generated the following logfile:
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    The two lines marked with <<=== were shown in red.
    The game started and ran without incident.

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Re: GZDoombuilder and Project Brutality

Post by Gez » Thu May 05, 2016 17:17

ARF6EF0 is indeed not a valid name for a sprite lump. I guess it was probably meant to be ARF6E0F0 or something like that.

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Re: GZDoombuilder and Project Brutality

Post by Graf Zahl » Thu May 05, 2016 20:10

Stuff like this happens if modders don't check the console for error messages (which unfortunately seems to be a very common problem.)

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