[HELP] Looking for Non-Random Spawners (ZScript)

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[HELP] Looking for Non-Random Spawners (ZScript)

Post by mattbratt11 » Sat Mar 10, 2018 6:14

I looked at NC's ScriptedSpawner, which is really cool for modding, and it got me to think about looking for an example wad that has a universal-compatible Non-Random Spawners, just like the spawning feature in ScoreDoom's Custom Spawning INI file, but for ZScript.

For my Non-Random Spawner, I will describe what it does:

Let's say you have a spawner that replaces ZombieMan that spawns ZombieMen, ShotgunGuys, or ChaingunGuys depending on how many of them are spawned in a map/episode/game depending on the progression setting in a custom menu.
Each of the same spawner should spawn 1 thing at a time per tic. So after it spawned every 5 ZombieMen in a game, spawn 1 ShotgunGuy, then after it spawned every 5 ShotgunGuys in the game, spawn 1 ChaingunGuy, etcetera.

The table is similar to what you define in Custom RandomSpawners, but it's Non-Random. It goes like this:

Code: Select all

//After the Class Name, this number indicates a non-random chance of spawning when that thing will appear earlier or later on in the game as it progresses.
//The number after that indicates how many things spawned from the previous dropitem are required to spawn the thing from the current one.
class ZombieProgressionSpawner : NonRandomSpawner replaces ZombieMan
	dropitem "ZombieMan" 256 1
	dropitem "ShotgunGuy" 256 5
	dropitem "ChaingunGuy" 256 5
That code is just the example of what I want, and it should be made as a coding suggestion as an example for use in many mods.
If you do find one, don't hesitate to reply or PM me. Any rude or thumbs-down comments are not allowed, as it leads to trolling, abuse, and flame wars. I want to make it clean for your time being.

Good Luck!
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