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Cant get Complex Doom With DJB to work on GZ DOOM.

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 0:16
by Lifeform84
Been trying to set up Complex Doom to work on with DJB addon Using ZDL Launcher... Complex Doom Works Flawless WITHOUT DJB on GZDOOM

But when i try to load it with DJB Addon... i get this Error :

Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 202:
Parent type 'PowerSpread' not found in LegSpread
Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 204:
"INVENTORY.HUBPOWER" is an unknown flag

Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 205:

Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 207:
'powerup.duration' requires an actor of type 'Inventory'

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "lca-djb-v4.pk3:actors/items/extralegendaryrunes.dec" line 207:
Unexpected '0x7FFFFFFF' in definition of 'LegSpread'

I really want it to work with GZ DOOM... i love that engine, and i love ZDL and im Really Enjoying Complex Doom... Help Please....